Keeping your antique finish ring in pristine condition can be challenging. Unlike other ornaments and jewelry, antique finish rings are subject to wear and tear due to everyday use. Keeping the ring looking its best is all about preserving the finish, preventing scratches and spotting, and maintaining the original luster. 

What is an antique finish on a ring?

An antique finish on a ring is a process by which the gold or silver surface of the ring is darkened in order to simulate the look of an old ring that has been well-loved over time. As such, antique finishes tend to be more resistant to wear and tear than other types of finishes and can last for years without needing to be replaced.

The most common way of applying an antique finish is by applying a layer of varnish directly onto the metal surface. Varnishes can be wiped off with a cloth if they become too thick or are accidentally damaged. 

But they tend to provide a longer-lasting look and high resistance to scratching compared with other types of finishes such as lacquer or wax.

An antique finish is one of many different types of finishes that can be applied to metal objects, from jewelry to furniture. It refers to any type of finish that has been applied to an object that is older than the current century. This can include a varnish, lacquer, wax, or paint.

Here are some useful tips you can use to keep your antique finish ring looking fabulous.

1-Store Your Ring In A Dry Location

It’s important to store your ring in a dry location where it can stay away from liquids and chemicals. Liquids and chemicals, such as ink and bleach, can damage the finish on the ring. They can also dry out your ring, causing it to expand and contract, causing scratches and dents. If you wear the ring, keep it away from liquids such as water, soda, and alcohol. 

Also, don’t wear the ring near pools or hot tubs. You can also store the ring in a small container filled with silica gel or cornstarch.

2-Avoid Contact With Chemicals

The finish on your ring is created with a top layer of metal applied and oxidized with a chemical. If you get your ring wet, the surface of the metal can be damaged and the chemical can be ruined. 

This will cause the finish to chip and flake off the ring. To avoid getting your ring wet, wear it when you are showering, swimming, or getting wet in the rain. Also, don’t wear your ring while working in the garden, painting, or while cleaning.

3-Remove Scuffs And Excess Dirt

Dirt and dust can scratch and damage the finish on your ring. To prevent this, remove scuffs and dirt regularly with a piece of cloth.

 This will prevent the ring from getting scratched. If dirt gets into the ring, you can use toothpaste or an old rag to remove it. Avoid using chemicals to clean the ring because these can damage the finish.

4-Brush regularly

A ring with poor condition will look dull and dusty. To keep your ring looking new, regularly brush your ring with a soft brush. You can also use a toothbrush to clean the inside of the ring. This will help prevent dirt and grime from building up.

 To prevent the ring from getting too many scratches or scuffs, you should also wear your ring when you are brushing your teeth or eating.

5-Polish when necessary

As your ring ages, it may start to show signs of oxidization. This is the result of the finishing process. If this occurs, you can use a polishing cloth to clean the ring and restore the finish to its original luster.

 You can use a polishing cloth regularly to keep your ring looking brand new. Make sure to polish your ring when it looks dull or has yellowed. If you notice that your ring has started to oxidize, use a polishing cloth to clean the ring immediately.

6-Don’t over polish

Polishing your ring too often can cause the metal to become too shiny and reflective. This will cause your ring to look dirty and out of condition. To polish your ring, apply a small amount of polishing cloth and rub gently.

 Too much pressure can cause the metal to become too shiny. After polishing your ring, let it sit for a few minutes so that the polishing cloth can soak up any excess polish.


Keeping your ring in good condition will ensure it lasts a lifetime. These tips will help you preserve the look of your ring, prevent scratches and scuffs, and clean it properly when necessary. As your ring ages, it may start to oxidize. To avoid damaging the finish, you can use a polishing cloth to clean the ring and restore the luster. To clean your ring, use a soft cloth to wipe off any dirt or grime. Make sure to clean your ring when it looks dull or has yellowed.